The Precision Goalie Institute Goalie Development Program revolves around six pillars of goalie mechanics, game situations, mental game, video review, dry land training and journaling. Goaltenders working in a long-term development program are provided with worksheets and other video materials throughout their training program.

Goalie Mechanics

PGI works with it's goaltenders to breakdown the mechanics of stance, skating, save selections and playing the puck. Using a progression learning system, goalies repeat a series of movements slowing and in parts to develop the neurological pathways to perform these movements quickly an properly, without thinking about them during game play.

Game Situations

Hockey is a game of situations and PGI goalies learn how to use their aforementioned mechanical skills during several common game situations. How to read the play, make the save and control the rebound or find the quickest way to prepare themselves for the next situation. The use of goalie specific props, many of which are used by NHL Goalie Coach Mitch Korn of the Washington Capitals. This creates situations on unpredictability making game play feel slower to the goalie.

Mental Game

PGI strives to make confident athletes through positive on-ice and classroom sessions. The 'when' and 'why' of goaltending is taught through video review sessions as is the art of positive self-talk, focus, mental toughness and attitude. Goaltending is 70% mental and many of our goalies report feeling more confident in other areas of their lives after working with PGI.

Video Review

Becoming a student of the game is where PGI really thrives! Video is captured using 1 to 2 cameras and valuable feedback is recorded over these clips and available through a private download link for goaltenders. Many of our goalies demonstrated a dramatic improvement in just one video review clip. Additional video review sessions of professional, olympic and junior athletes is also integrated into this PGI Pillar.

Goalie Specific Dryland

Age-specific dryland training sessions for goalies is integrated into many of our camps and private sessions. PGI recognizes that without consistent learning or drills for goalies U16 they will not create their own pre-game routines or value off-ice training. The use of glideboards, reflex drills, vision enhancement drills and pylometrics are just some of the elements of our dryland sessions. 

Goalie Journaling

Goal setting drives a goaltender throughout the on- and off-season. Our goaltenders receive a goalie tracking sheets, goal setting sheet and goalie journal in their PGI Development binders when they begin long-term training programs. Our investment in these goalies is tailor to these goals they have set for themselves. We track progress with Key Performance Indicators developed at the start of our program.