video feedback

During team, camp and private session settings, goalie are often distracted by the many attention disrupters in the arena. Video feedback is provided to goalies upon request and sent via a private download link to allow goalies to review the key points discussed on the ice at home where they can properly digest the information. These clips come with coaching feedback on 3 to 4 key concepts. PGI's goalies have reported that their level of learning improves dramatically with seeing themselves along with our coaching feedback. At home, there are no distraction and with our video feedback clips, parents are also reviewing the feedback and seeing the progress within their goalies much more quickly.

To book this service which is highly recommended if you do not have an in-season goalie coach click below and select one of two options.

Game Feedback- Video Sample
Vision Tracking Video Sample
Carter's - Video Feedback Sample
Emma's - Video Feedback Sample
Mabel's - Video Feedback Sample
Zach's - Video Feedback Sample